Repentance and the Kingdom of God

I have really enjoyed participating in this 3C discipleship with our small group. It will be exciting to see where it leads and how it transforms the way we do life together and toward others.

Bill Randall Writes

            So what is the motivation for and outcome of choosing into this life that Jesus has made possible?  Jesus simply puts it this way as recorded in Matthew 4:17; “Repent for the Kingdom of heaven is near.”  In other words, we repent in order to position ourselves to experience more and more of the life that Jesus has made possible. There is nothing like a life being lived out under the functional reign and rule of God, a life where God is fully having his way in every arena of our existence.  Like Dave Ferguson of Community Christian Church, I like to call this kind of person who is focused and moving in this direction a “3C Disciple.”  This is a person who is Centered on Jesus, Connected to supportive friends and Cooperating in the mission of God.  Centered.  Connected.  Cooperating. …

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