Poetry: A Dangerous Life

A Dangerous Life


I’m tired of safety and security

Weary of my imitation purity

I’d rather have a dangerous life

I’d rather have a measure of strife

If it brings me closer to you


I want to sing a dangerous song

And cast my fears aside

I want to pray a dangerous prayer

Your kingdom come and abide

I want to live a dangerous life

That stays on heaven’s side

I want to be dangerous


I long for empowered ministry

To walk in kingdom liberty

I’d rather risk my life by living

Than grasp at what the world is giving

I want a dangerous life

8 responses to “Poetry: A Dangerous Life”

  1. Great poem….starts me wondering…what does a “dangerous life” look like? And could one person’s “dangerous” be another person’s ho-hum? Well, here’s to living for Jesus…everyday…in every way and forever!

    • Thanks Kate. Dangerous is anything we consider risky. I think the progression is that God calls us to do things that we consider risky, but we are encouraged by others and the work of the Spirit to step forward. When we do, we experience how amazing walking in God’s will and way is and we are better prepared to risk in the future. This can lead us to lives that look dangerous to others, but have become exceedingly comfortable to us. David had faced his fears numerous times before he faced Goliath. To everyone else his confrontation with the giant seemed dangerous, but to him it was just another enemy for God to defeat. Glad to have friends like you on the journey!

  2. Way to walk boldly, my friend. I read it to my husband as it’s a relevant conversation. Thanks for sharing your heart.

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