Read the Directions: Introduction

You’ve read them a thousand times…the directions on bottles, packages and posters giving advice or warnings to those who take notice. Shake well before using. Some assembly required. Don’t feed the Hippopotamus. Some may increase our enjoyment of salad dressing, but others can save our life. These directions come from various sources and motivations, and it can be a challenge to know which ones are leading us in the right direction.

God also gives us directions. Love the Lord your God. Do unto the least of these. Consider others as more important than yourself. These directions are immeasurably more important than shaking the salad dressing and will certainly lead us in the right direction. In the coming weeks we will be looking at some directions we may be used to and see what spiritual implications they may have for us. I pray that these posts will be a blessing to you in your life with God.

3 responses to “Read the Directions: Introduction”

  1. It’s a call to pay attention. Sometimes we are directed by God to go a certain direction and we need to realize someone much smarter than we are knows the way

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