I Am…

My daughter was given an assignment in her fifth grade class to write a poem about herself.  I am really proud of what she wrote.


I am emotional and tender-hearted

I wonder how God became

I hear the sound of fighting that should be stopped

I see beauty in life

I want the world to have peace

I pretend nothing bad is happening somewhere

I feel innocent

I touch someone with kindness

I worry about what will happen to the world

I cry when people can’t get along

I understand that you just need to let it out sometimes

I say, “I love you.”

I dream of God being present

I try not to argue

I hope that everyone will listen

I am Keely Dae Yeager

10 responses to “I Am…”

  1. I just gave a speech on war and so Keely’s expression of her emotion about our world fits right in with how my Toastmaster group responded. I love that she gives her heart away with the words of the poem. It is refreshingly honest and lovely at the same time.

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