Treasures in a Shallow Pond: Caddisflies and Other Amazing Discoveries (Skipping Rocks Blog Post 4)

Have you ever seen a Caddisfly?  It is an insect that spends its larval stage in the water, usually streams, creeks and ponds.  It sometimes camouflages itself with gravel and twigs, attaching itself to rocks in the current to catch food. (They also make excellent bait).   The Caddisfly is just one of dozens of critters and creatures my daughter and I have discovered in the skipping pond.

During the late spring and early summer, she and I have taken numerous walks along the bank and waded in the waters to track beavers, chase tadpoles and try to catch crawdads.  The pond and the system of streams flowing in and out of it have become an escape from the manufactured, scheduled life of work and school.  More importantly, those miniature explorations have become building blocks in my relationship with my little girl.

As we make our discoveries and share our wonder at God’s amazing works, we learn about each other.  While it is always humbling to see the beautiful designs of the Creator at work, it is an indescribable joy to see them reflected in your child’s eyes.  She has learned that her father is just as fascinated as she is by bugs, critters and really cool rocks.  I have learned that she is an attentive, curious young lady with sharp eyes and a sharper mind.  The best thing we discovered about each other is that while we love each other, we also like each other.

I have to wonder if that is the same way that I should be seeing my relationship with my heavenly Father.  Clearly God doesn’t need to learn anything about me He doesn’t already know, but it is awesome to think that He enjoys the adventure of discovery we are on together; that He finds joy in the wonder and awe reflected in my eyes.  This opens up a whole new motivation for the life I live, knowing that it is not by performance or activity that I please God, but by discovering who it is He has designed me to be and becoming that man.

I hope that the walks my daughter and I take will help her have this kind of relationship with God.  I hope that I can show her the kind of joy and appreciation for who she is and is becoming.  I hope that she will continue to walk with God with eyes and heart and mind wide open for new discoveries.  She and I will both be better for it; I can’t wait for our next adventure.

10 responses to “Treasures in a Shallow Pond: Caddisflies and Other Amazing Discoveries (Skipping Rocks Blog Post 4)”

  1. I loved this Chris. What a beautiful analogy to use for our relationship with the Lord. Your daughter is very blessed to share such a relationship with you and the memories you are creating with her will last a life time.

  2. Chris, I love what you had to say. You have an amazing way of expressing your thoughts. I appreciate very much how you allow the Lord to bring new adventures into your life and learn what He wants to teach you. Thank you so much for giving allowing me to read about your relationship with your daughter (awesome!!!) and the Lord (amazing!!!) Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. You have a great gift.

    With love,

    • Thank you so much for the encouraging words. I am excited to see how the Lord can use the blogging. I have been keeping up on your Facebook updates and hope that the schooling continues to go well. Keep up the good work!
      In His grace,

    • Thanks Molly,
      You have been an incredible encouragement to me and I appreciate the sacrifices you make each day for our family. You are truly are an honorable woman and I am grateful to God for bringing us together.

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