Change is Good: The Gift of Seasons (Skipping Rocks Blog Post 3)

Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage–with great patience and careful instruction. 2 Timothy 4:2 (NIV)

When my Mom passed away, the opportunity for us to move in with my Dad in his new home was no coincidence.  The blessings from that decision have been beyond measure for all of us.  We all have been challenged to change and adjust, but the result is always a better family than the one we had before.  God has brought us through much together.  

During that first year together, I watched the skipping pond carefully. It has gone from a small series of ponds, to a steady flowing stream, ebbing down to a trickle and finally back to the series of ponds again.  In each season there has been beauty and pain, growth and death, fulfillment and denial.  The constant theme for each season, the one thing that determines each season’s longevity and quality, is water.  Its lack or abundance determined the change and transformation from one season to the next.

Much like God’s movement through our lives together, the water was always there bringing life in a flowing stream or an isolated pond. Those creatures and growing things that rely on the water are at its mercy.  If they desire to flourish and multiply they must stay close to the course of the stream.  They must sink roots, dig their burrows carefully and feed regularly when the season is ripe.

God flows through our life whether we think He does or not.  We are trees by a creek at the mercy of living water.  We must sink roots deep to weather the drought and the flood.  We must keep faith, hope and love deep in the center like sap in the heart of a tree when the drought is upon us.  We must grow limbs strong and thick when the spring brings new life and become the people God desires us to be. 

As a family we have been able to sink deep roots and God has been faithful.  We are looking forward to the seasons ahead knowing He will sustain us with His living water through anything and everything this world can bring us. The water will flow and we will be ready.

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