A Year In Review

I just wanted to thank everyone who has made this a great year for blogging.  Thank you for all of the encouraging comments and input.  I am also thankful for many of you who have come up to me at church or in the store and commented on how helpful the blog has been for you.  It means a lot.  Here is a link on some of the statistical highlights for the year: https://cdyeagerwrites.wordpress.com/2011/annual-report/ .   Thanks again for supporting this blog.


Chris Yeager

4 responses to “A Year In Review”

  1. Thank you for your dedication and hard work, I look forward to the blessings God is going to overflow you with here.-watw

  2. That is so wonderful that people come up to you at church and elsewhere. 🙂 Love that support for you! God bless you as you continue to serve Him in the new year!

  3. Good job Chris! Encouragement and input are so helpful! You’re such a blessing to so many! Hoping your New Year is full of “words” and prosperity in all ways!

    See ya soon!

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