Pressing On: Acting Our Age

All of us who are mature should take such a view of things. And if on some point you think differently, that too God will make clear to you. Only let us live up to what we have already attained. – Philippians 3:15-16

My children are a wonder to me. It is indescribable what the depth, breadth, width and height of their love and trust in me has done to transform the way I think, speak and act. They can repair a broken day with a simple embrace, soothe the worries of modern life with laughter and recalibrate my perspective with the words “I love you, Daddy.” But in the midst of this incredible little universe dwells the horrid, unrelenting presence of sin. Disobedience, selfishness and anger rise up in little hearts and the beauty is tainted and warped just a little each time.

I could pretend that sin wasn’t there. I could just convince myself that my daughters are so special that whatever they do is righteousness. I could hold them to a different standard than the one God holds for all of us. Unfortunately I have met some of those children and it is never a pretty sight. God calls me to something better as a father. He asks me to look at them with His eyes to see them as they are and as they can be. He also has given me the privilege of helping each of them bridge the gap between what is and what can be with faith, hope and love. He asks that I help them grow in their knowledge of Him and His mighty power.

In the passage above, Paul is asking us to “live up to what we have already attained.” I expect my two year old to act like a two year old, I expect my ten year old to act like a ten year old and God expects me to act like a 42 year old man with a long life in God’s family. I am not sure why I should expect my children to act their age if I am not acting mine, and yet I fear that may be the case more often than I would like to admit.

My wife and I are working hard to lead our girls toward maturity step by step, trial by trial and lesson by lesson. We take time now and then to discuss what may be holding one of them back when they hit a bump in the road. We pray that they will have eyes to see, ears to hear and minds to understand. As we do so, God is doing the same work in us. I have had my fair share of bumps in the road over the years; times when I was content to not only sit in the middle of the road, but roll back, out of gear and out of gas. And every time my heavenly Father was there to lead me back to obedience and forward motion.

In this life of pressing on, God knows where we are and where we can be and what we need to get from the one to the other. How are you doing? Are there still areas in your life where you don’t act your age? Have you come to a bump in the road and lost your forward momentum? I pray that you will call on the mercy and grace of God to help you move forward toward maturity in Christ; and I will ask that you pray the same for me. Amen.

One response to “Pressing On: Acting Our Age”

  1. Dear Chris, This is a very nice timely reminder for upcoming Father’s Day too. Thank you. It might be a long time before I become aware of your new postings, so I thank you for so faithfully including me in your thoughts. Please know that I have been an appreciative reader. I wish you well in your endeavors. Sincerely, Betty

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