Reconciliation: God’s Gifts in Action

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms. – 1 Peter 4:10

We make much of gifted people in our culture; athletes, singers, actors and such.  We celebrate their excellence and prize their attributes, hoping that they will not succumb to the poisonous influence of fame and fortune.  But oh how our society relishes when the hero falls.  Tabloids make their business from finding the flaws in these modern-day demigods, and their business is doing well.

This view of giftedness divides us into the haves, the have-nots and the want to haves.  Unfortunately we can bring this same warped perception into the body of Christ.  We see those with what we consider laudable gifts and we esteem them too highly.  It can also take our eyes of the giver of the gifts.  Peter asks us to look at gifts quite a bit differently.

It is clear from this passage that every single one of us has been given a gift or even gifts that God wants us to unwrap and use.  In His Kingdom there is never a question of whether you have something to offer, only the question of when you will share it with others. If humility is the heart of reconciliation then serving others with our gifts is the hand of reconciliation.

If we desire to walk fully in our ambassadorship for Christ, we must take our gifts seriously.  We must value them and the one who gives “every good and perfect gift” much more than what other people think of our gifts.  God is calling the world to Himself through His people, the body of Christ, extending His hand of love, mercy and grace to draw them close.  Amazingly, we get to participate in this ministry by exercising His gifts in a broken, needy world.

So what gifts has God given to you?  What natural abilities or skills?  Do you have a knack for something that most people find difficult?  What are your spiritual gifts? Whatever they are, use them to extend “God’s grace in its various forms.”

10 responses to “Reconciliation: God’s Gifts in Action”

  1. I’m hoping public speaking is one of mine as I’m leading a seminar on Saturday! I’ve done a far bit before but I’m more nervous than ever for this one!!

  2. Thanks for this great message. Keep up the good work, Chris. God has given you an incredible ability to communicate God’s Word in unique ways, and I appreciate your willingness to obey His calling.


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