You’ll Never Blog Alone

A fellow blogger, Nick, recently posted an explanation of the blog links on his blog site so readers would know what they were and why they were there.  I think it is a great idea and therefore will be stealing it, feeling remorse only for not having thought of it first.

Below is a list of the blog sites I have listed on the right side of the page under the heading “Good Sites.”  I hope you will be able to take the time to visit them and check out the great insights and writing you will find there.

Bill Randall’s Blog: Bill is the Senior pastor at Risen King Community Church and puts forth his ponderings about life with Christ on his site.  Challenging essays on discipleship, prayer, spiritual transformation and more will certainly help you in your walk with God.

Cee-plicity: Cindy Coloma is an accomplished fiction writer with several books under her belt, a speaker, writing coach and teacher.  She is also one of the founding members of a writer’s group in Shasta County California, Quills of Faith.  Cindy writes about life, writing and other issues on her site.

Crafting Mysteries & Suspense: Cathy Elliott is a mystery writer with a heart of gold.  She is also one of the driving forces for Quills of Faith (She came up with the name), encouraging many of the members in their writing pursuits, myself included.  Her blog is about her life and writing, providing information on her speaking expertise and writing acumen. 

Ebs and Flows: Nick has put together a great site here, a collection of authors blogging on the Christian life.  On the website’s “About” page it says, “This is a blog about Christian living that is trying to stay grounded in reality while also striving for that lofty target of emulating Jesus in the world.”  Sounds good to me.

JBM Thinks: In Janis’s own words her site is “A mom’s journey of faith, family, sports, and life.”  Great writing and helpful insights from a mother’s perspective.

Tim Kayser’s Blog: Tim is the executive pastor at Risen King Community Church.  He is a great preacher, a kind teacher and trusted friend.  He has put together an annotated biography of books he read during his sabbatical.  Some fascinating information if you are interested in the theology of the church.

3 responses to “You’ll Never Blog Alone”

  1. Thanks for these recommendations. It’s always good to find new fellow bloggers.

    And welcome to the High Calling Blogs community. We’re really glad you’ve joined us!

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